Jake Lyda
2 min readAug 18, 2021
Photo by Arie Wubben on Unsplash

Up — shooting through a plane of anxiety,

Swirling neurons spasm and thrash and trash my body.

Down, up, up, down, ascending severity

I pray to all deities: Allah, Krishna, God, please.

In between known and unknown, life and death,

Relying on periodic updates, in-flight service,

The quickening of pulse, the shortening of breath,

Extremities shutting down as reason falls into the crevice.

The mind cannot concentrate

On this task or that;

We instead pontificate

Like a maze-crazed rat:

Have I gained too much weight,

Do people think I’m fat?

I cannot go on an in-person date,

They’ll think that I’m dull and flat!

What news today will stoke up the hate?

I welcome such distraction over the welcome mat.

Any addictions, the body will sate

At the expense of the soul, that dirty, disregarded hat.

I cannot focus, got too much on my plate.

Won’t take another swing, too tired for another at-bat.

Am I resigned to this fate,

Or could I escape my past?

Down, down, down, up-quick, down — a roller coaster

With no one at the helm, all hell breaking loose.

Our life has become a faded film poster

Cut into strips, fitted as a noose.

It’s time to take power back, to no longer be a coaster;

We must remember our strength, our ability to choose.

Despite the turbulence,

We don’t have to be fractured piece by piece;

We can achieve presence

And breathe into the space known as peace.

I heal, I coach, I write poetry. Want to be well and unlock your Self? Let’s create some conscious magic together!

Jake Lyda

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