The Age of Aquarius

Jake Lyda
2 min readAug 10, 2021
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Obnoxious noises scratch and claw at the pavement,

Searching for the last morsel of nutrients.

Tweets bounce off the walls like… well, like misguided birds.


A cacophony of sound that’s not all too pleasant on the ears or the palette.

It swirls and eddies like wistful mist,

Clouding any reflections we might hope to see.

A drum beats, but it’s so far out of time

That I think the drummer has become incoherent in the interludes.

All it does is add to the droning, drowning dozens who are dying without a brief glimpse

Beyond the mist

Beyond the heaviness

Beyond the noise.

And then…

A sigh (aaaaahhhhhhhh)

The great eye in the sky takes a BIG ASS step back,

Recognizes things have gone off track

Puts in a work order, picks up the slack

It remembers its power; it’s always had a knack.

We emerge from the purge,

Happy to have made it.

There’s an electric surge

That leaves us peaceful and sated.

We are allowed to be here,

To dwell in this feeling.

We deserve to just exist,

But there’s a job for us, human being.

That we join the eye,

And take a good look around.

To witness the chaos

From all that harsh sound.

Then we pick up the pieces,

And we clean up the land,

Bringing everyone together

And starting back up the band.

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