In a Flash: A Poem

Jake Lyda
2 min readAug 6, 2021
Photo by Eric Han on Unsplash

Quick: In 3 seconds or less

Determine where you are

Right here, right now.

Didn’t get it right, did ya?

You see, the brain is so advanced

It has no choice but to take it all in —

The lightning pulses of information

That strobe in your neurons like

An epileptic rage of data

And all for what purpose?

To make the unknown something not itself:

The known?

To remedy the tragedy of past deeds or of

Futures unexperienced, but still felt?

Or to make sure you never see

beyond the simulation

And bear witness to your ever-present being

Who don’t get no respect?

You are a work of art, even if you refuse to

Buy a ticket and immerse yourself in your own gallery

A visual specimen, created in an image;

Whatever image it may be, doesn’t matter.

What matters is the creation itself.

The lightning strike from nothing to something.

The thundering clap of being born and taking life

As your own, claiming the magic within

And wielding for the betterment of all, for more


The weather patterns of life escapes

Even the best meteorologists.

At most, it’s a guess, a theory,

And once proven, it is past.

So let’s not get bogged down in the showers;

Rather, let’s embrace the sun, dance the rain.

Lightning begets thunder begets storms begets

Rainbows beget sunlight begets more clouds.

To embrace and dance through it all —

That’s how you beckon to your soul’s call.

Quick: In 3 seconds or less

Determine where you are,

Right here, right now.

The answer is within the question.

You are Right. Here.

You are Right. Now.

A bolt of brilliance in a field of unknown.

A storm in the universe, from which flowers are grown.

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