Down South


And what a time it was,

Cells coded in sand

Imbibed with lekker levity

So that to stand on the cliffs

Was to hover above the world

It began as not-mine

But I definitely made it my own,

The peeps in Greenpoint

Or Clifton 2 or 3, whichever

Was more secluded that day

The ocean cleansed us all,

A thankless job that it does

For us wretched souls trying

To figure out how to manage

As humans, untidy lambs of love

It’s the laughter that I remember

And the laughter I miss the most —

Long walks upon hilly streets

Or Lion’s head, where I proposed

An entire lifetime ago, ages

And what a time it was,

Proposing to live it all up

Until there was nothing left.



Jake Lyda

I write about whatever interests me in the current moment: sports, entertainment, creative writing, lifestyle, etc. I'm tired of not being who I am.